Budget 2019: Good News before Election 2019 from Narendra Modi with the Help of Piyush Goyal.


Honorable Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented Union budget in Lok Sabha on Friday

The Key headlights of this Union Budget are as follow:

 Individual taxpayers with annual income up to 5 lakh rupees

 Tax slab for taxpayer whose annual income up to 5 lakh rupee gets full return.

 If some one whose annual income is up to 6.5 lakh and if he or she’s investments are in provident funds and other equities then they should not pay taxes.

 Standard tax deduction is between 40,000 to 50,000

 1000000 to 3000000 is gratuity limit which is increased

 Businesses with but Rs. five crore annual turnover, comprising over ninetieth of GST payers, are allowed to come

Even on the protection front, they need spent 3,00,000 crore that is once more a big and a much-needed move.
Interim Union Budget 2019 additionally guarantees to be pro-growth and ushers a replacement era of transparency. Complete medical care of assessment may be a welcome step too. ‘

So be it escalating living standards by their cleanliness drive, providing profit to the somebody, the farmers or strengthening security, all in all, the govt is unquestionably far-sighted. it’s acting at the basis level for that.

To conclude, the current government has actually initiated some daring steps since coming back to power. These choices were for sure far-sighted. The recent budget brings relief on the middle-income mass and to our farmers. this can be a welcome change!

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