Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Welcomes South Korean Inverters To Invest In India When He Launches India Korea Start-Up Hub In Seoul

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Welcomes South Korean Inverters To Invest In India When He Launches India Korea Start-Up Hub In Seoul

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Seongnam base of operations in the capital of South Korea early weekday for a two-day visit to South Korea, with the Indian diaspora expecting him within the building lobby, waving the tricolor and taking selfies with him. The visit is aimed toward strengthening the special strategic partnership between Bharat and therefore the the} Republic of Korea (ROK) and also boosting bilateral trade and cultural ties. before his visit, the Prime Minister delineate South Korea described South Korea as a very important partner for India’s key initiatives like ‘Make in India’, and same as fellow democracies the 2 nations share values and vision for our regional and international peace.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his second visit to South Korea’s capital of South Korea, same terrorist act and global climate change are 2 biggest challenges sweet-faced by human beings nowadays. He conjointly same sage Gandhi’s teachings and values will facilitate the globe to deal with each the pressing problems. PM Modi arrived in the capital of South Korea on a weekday morning for a two-day visit to strengthen India’s strategic ties with South Korea. He conjointly undraped a bust of spiritual leader at Seoul’s Yonsei University. Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) statistics shows that FDI from South Korea declined fifty-nine p.c in 2017-18 from the previous year. In 2018-19 (till December 2018), South Korea didn’t even figure within the list of prime ten nations accounting for the majority of FDI equity inflows into Bharat. The last nation on this list was the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with FDI equity inflows of just about $300 million.

Whereas it should be too early to determine the investment and trade advantages of the slew of agreements signed between the 2 nations throughout the Gregorian calendar month 2018 summit in New Delhi, recent trade and bilateral investments don’t inspire a lot of confidence. After turning into PM, Modi had visited South Korea in might 2015 at the invite of then South Korean president Park Geun-Hye.

The bilateral relations between the two nations were upgraded to ‘special strategic partnership’ throughout Modi’s 2015 visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched India Korea startup hub in Seoul. Delivering keynote speech at India-Korea Business conference Mr. Modi same India has emerged as a land of chance and no different massive economy within the world is growing at over seven p.c year once a year. Prime Minister same, his government has introduced flagship program Start-up India with one.4 billion dollars fund for four years to form a startup eco-system in India. Same India is one among the foremost open countries for FDI nowadays and over ninety % of its sectors are currently on automatic route for approval. Mr. Modi same, whereas we have a tendency to work for realizing the ‘Indian Dream’, we have a tendency to request like partners and among them, South Korea is seen as a very natural partner. He same Bharat is among Korea’s top-10 trade partners. Their trade volume has reached 21.5 billion dollars for 2018. Mr. Modi same, in renewable energy, India has become the sixth largest producer within the world and its initiative of the International star Alliance can modify it to be a pioneer in occupancy the direction of an inexperienced international economy.

Prime Minister reached the capital of South Korea this morning on a two-day visit to South Korea. MR Modi can hold bilateral talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and receive the capital of South Korea Peace Prize in recognition of his dedication to international cooperation, international growth, and human development. Besides meeting with President Moon Jae-in, Prime Minister Modi will have a variety of engagements with the Korean leadership, businesses and Indian Community.

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