Pakistan Is Behind 26/11 Attack In Mumbai : Pakistan current Prime Minister Imran Khan Says

After Pakistan’s Ex Prime Minister” Nawaz Sharif’s statment in Pakistans news paper “DOWN”. The current prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Confirms that “Pakistans lashkar-e-taiba is behind the Mumbai 26/11 terrorist Attack”.

On Friday 7 Dec 2018 ,Interviewing with Washington Post Imran  Khan Confirms that in 2008 Mumbai attack pak terrorists are involvement and he order his government to get current status of this case. He also says that “It is very important to solve this case which is pending more than 10 years”

Nawaz Sharif

The Pakistan’s Ex prime minister Nawaz Sharif also Admits Pakistan terrorist are involved in Mumbai Terrorist attack when he was interviewing with pakistan news paper “DOWN”

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