Places To Visit India During Christmas Vacations

Diwali season is over now.It’s time to plan Christmas vacation.Yes! Christmas is now on your door steps. Christmas is festival all about Gift-giving, family and other social gatherings, symbolic decoration, feasting etc .Basically Christmas is an annual festival ceremony of birth of Jesus Christ and for children’s it is festival of Christmas tree and gifts under that tree placed by Santa Claus.

So are you planing your Christmas vacations? And Are you planing your vacations in India?

Then I am going to giver you some sort of overview about places in India you can visit during your Christmas vacations in India.

In India peoples calibrates Christmas with Diwali spirit like lighting diyas (candles) lots of sweets and firework and enjoyment with friends and families.So lets start, where you can celebrate your Christmas in India.There Are SIX places in India where you can celebrate Christmas are:

  • GOA

In this article I give you some short and helpful information about GOA.


Goa is one of the popular traveling destination in India and best known for his clear water beaches

also popular in foreign tricksters.If beaches are cake the consign of Goa is cherry on on top of cake.

In my opinion there are top 6 places where you can visit in Christmas vacation in Goa.


Calangite is also known as Queen of goan beach and also known for its clear water beach


Capital of Goa.One of the most popular shopping destination.


If you are looking for Shacks, fishing boats and high tide beach then bagha is one of the best option


Personally I love vagator beach and its quite atmosphere.In just few minuets you can visit bagha beach for party and other destination.

Goan Cousine

Rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, meat, pork and local spices are some of the main ingredients in Goan cuisine.

One of my favorite is Goan prawn curry, a popular dish throughout the state.

There are also famous dishes like Goan samosas, Fried pom-fret, Crabs, Tandoori lobster with fries and vegetables

But in my opinion if you are foody then you have to explore on your own

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