Why Amanda Crowe is on Google Doodle? Who is She?


Yesterday I was just searching around on google there I found a google doodle A woman carving wood. At that time I was curious about that google doodle and that time I have one question in mu mind like every one else “Who is She?” Then I just put mouse pointer on that doodle then one name appeared  “Amanda Crowe” and then second question pop-up in my mind “Who is Amanda Crowe ?”


Amanda Crowe is woodcarver and educator from Cherokee, North Carolina.She Wanted to become an Artist when she was four years old and At the age of eight, she was already selling her carvings.then there was tragedy happens in her life when she was very young she lost her both mother and father but her foster mother was very nice to her she arranged for her to stay in Chicago, where she graduated from Hyde Park High School and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).


She was very talented that’s why she earned the John Quincy Adams fellowship for foreign study.and what’s more, she study sculpture with Jose De Creeft at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. where Crowe likewise earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from SAIC that year.


When she come to north Carolina she teach studio art at Cherokee High School. Her sculptures are always related to nature like animal figures, and she was particularly known for her expressive bears. She also worked with stone and clay but wood is her favorite medium and she carved with local woods such as wild cherry, buckeye, and black walnut. She also illustrated the book Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears.


Amanda Crowe died on September 27, 2004.But She Always live in her art thats why On November 9, 2018, Google recognized her with a doodle

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